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Relations investisseurs

Relations investisseurs
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Why invest in GKem

Why invest in GKem

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  • Date de publication :2022-01-13 16:59:09
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GKem is a scientific supplier of filter membranes products,including micro filtration,ultrafiltration,nanofiltration, reverse osmosis membrane; ionic membrane.

GKem brings our scientific products to help you solve your toughest problems in your manufacture.

Your manufacture would be more cleanliness,more purification,and minimize emissions and waste


At GKem, we provide scientists and engineers with best-in-class filtration materials, technologies and services.

At GKem, we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with filtration technologies 

that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

By giving people tools to use filter more efficiently. Helping companies do business more sustainably.

GKem global scientific community including each customer and every employee.

And by encouraging each and every employee at GKem to think differently about our business,our communities,and the positive impact we can have on the world.


What really matters, and we’re here to make sure it works.

We’re a filtration company, but more importantly, what we do improves the quality of customers. 

Our products, technologies and services make a difference in the world



We are dedicated to manufacturing excellence and to providing innovative products that make our customers more successful.

Our broad scientific product mix can be found in industries all over the world, protecting people and assets,while improving productivity and efficiency.

We help our customers solve their greatest filtration challenges through our industry leading electrical,aerospace, hydraulic and vehicle products and services.

  • Life Science

    Our research for filter products and solutions to real-world health issues. e.g.: biopharmaceutical manufacturers ,Medical device, healthcare providers, and so on. More>>

  • Automotive Industry

    Filters and device for stack emission testing, Cleanliness Testing, Cleaning and washing machine, Hydraulic Lubrication machine, Process Water, diesel exhaust, fluid treatment, and etc. More>>

  • Aerospace Industry

    Filters for oil treatment, Cleanliness Testing, cleaning machine, Hydraulic Lubrication machine, Process Water, and etc. More>>

  • Hydraulic Lubrication Industry

    GKem's Filters, equipments and solutions can help you achieve the process improvements, cost savings and environmental protection. More>>

  • Laboratory, Scientific, Analysis

    GKem offers filters, equipments and solutions for accurate manufacturing for high precision components. We deliver products that truly make a difference for you. More>>

  • Inkjet Industry

    Capsule filters, Membrance filters, Cartridge Filters , Assembly Filters, Filter Housing, and etc. More>>

  • Microelectronic Industry

    GKem's filter products and solutions to broad range of fluid treatment issues. e.g.: device manufacturers, Semiconductor, Wafer, PCB, Storage, display, solar, Ultrapure fluid, More>>

  • Water Treatment

    GKem offers broad range of Smart Filter element for water treatment industry. From ultrapur water to waste water treatment. More>>

  • oil and gas

    We provide filters and application from efficient manufacturing to effective resource exploration and extraction. More>>

  • Chemical and ploymers

    Gkem's filter products have Wide Chemical Compatibility and temperature range to meet your requirements. More>>