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Cellulose Nitrate Filter Membranes
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Cellulose Nitrate Filter Membranes

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Cellulose nitrate is a material for membrane filters and offers a wide range of filter rating from 8 μm to 0.45 μm.
The high non-specific adsorption of the cellulose nitrate membrane is very advantageous for diagnostic kits.
The adsorption decreases with increasing pore size.
Cellulose nitrate filter Membranes for Analysis Cleanliness Assessments, are compatible with water and solvent based fluid. A complete range of analysis membranes to perform cleanliness assessments in accordance with ISO16232,ISO 18413 or VDA19 procedures.
These consumable filter membranes can be used to cleanliness extract, collect and retain solid contaminants from fluids and components .
The filter rating (8 μm, 5 μm, 3 μm) find use forchemotaxis and cell retention,Cleanliness Assessments,and etc.
The filter rating 0.8um and 0.45 μm pore size for particle collection,and etc.